Faculty & Staff Directory

Core faculty

Liza Black

Liza Black

Assistant Professor, History

Assistant Professor, Native American and Indigenous Studies

  • blackli@iu.edu
  • Weatherly Hall 128
Sonia Lee

Sonia Lee

Associate Professor, American Studies

Associate Professor, Latino Studies

  • soslee@iu.edu
  • Ballantine Hall 606
Sylvia  Martinez

Sylvia Martinez

Associate Professor, School of Education

  • symartin@indiana.edu
  • ED 4260
David  Nichols

David Nichols

Professor of History and Native American and Indigenous Studies and Carmony Chair, Department of History

Editor, Indiana Magazine of History

  • davinich@iu.edu
  • Ballantine Hall 814
Judith Rodríguez

Judith Rodríguez

Assistant Professor, African American and African Diaspora Studies

Assistant Professor, Latino Studies

  • jurodr@iu.edu
  • Ballantine Hall 652
Alberto  Varon

Alberto Varon

Associate Professor, English

Director, Latino Studies Program

Adjunct Professor, American Studies

Affiliate Professor, Gender Studies

  • avaron@indiana.edu
  • Ballantine Hall 459
Cynthia Wu

Cynthia Wu

Professor, Asian American Studies

Professor, Gender Studies

Director, Race, Migration, and Indigeneity

  • cynwu@iu.edu
  • Lindley Hall 330

Postdoc + visiting faculty